Reflecting on the Names of Allah: Understanding and Connecting to God in our Daily Lives


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This is a bestselling book.

"Countless people ask me how to feel connected to God as they question the strength of their faith...
I urge them to read this book and fall in love with His names and attributes in the immensely relevant way Jinan has written about them...

Jinan's work allows you to understand how God's mercy for *you* manifests; she helps in supplicating to Him by those names that feel accessible as you're going through the pain and joys of your journey.

Whether you're a high schooler or a grandparent of one, the examples Jinan's work draws on to connect God Almighty into your daily life will help you stop focusing on the "why" of what happens and onto the Who. And that shift nurtures trust, acceptance and hope in your relationship with God - and with yourself."
- Review by Ustadha Maryam Amir (USA)

This book provides a comprehensive explanation for Allah’s names and attributes. The author has effectively defined the attributes of Allah in such a way to ensure sufficient detail is provided for the reader, without excessively analysing or complicating the topic.

The aim of this book is to introduce God in the terms in which He introduces Himself,  thereby make the approach to Him easier for willing hearts and minds. Furthermore, it allows for a lighter and more pleasant experience on the journey in reconnecting and strengthening the bond with our Creator. 

About the Author

Jinan Yousef has been an author for over a decade, writing about topics related to the Islamic faith. She has been a student of Sheikh Mohammad Akram Nadwi alongside others. Jinan has been a course instructor at Al Buruj Press for many years and regularly does lectures on the names of Allah. 

Author: Jinan Yousef
Format: Paperback
Pages: 530
 Al Buruj Press
Publication date: 2021
ISBN: 9789672420958

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