Talking About Islamophobia: A Beginner's Guide for Children


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A highly topical look at how and why Islamophobia manifests itself and at what can be done to make our society a safe space for us all.

Islamophobia is a form of religious prejudice aimed at Muslims and it is on the rise. But not everyone agrees that Islamophobia exists - and some people think that we should be afraid of Muslims and Islam. This book, aimed at young readers aged 10 and upwards, aims to encourage a conversation about Islamophobia - what it is, where it comes from and what can be done to stand against it. It shares the perspectives of those who have faced discrimination due to their faith and takes a frank look at the frontlines of hate crime where Islamophobia is found - in the media, in politics and in daily interactions.

The authors talk about their experiences of religious discrimination and anti-Muslim hate crimes, look at how international politics can affect ordinary people, and discuss what can be done to make our society a safe space for us all. 

About the Authors

Sabeena Akhtar is a writer, editor and literary festival co-founder. Sabeena is the editor of Cut From the Same Cloth? an anthology of writing by visibly Muslim women 

Nai'ma B Robert is the award-winning author of Far from Home, She Wore Red Trainers and Show Up. Na'ima is a book editor and writing coach. 

Author: Sabeena Akhtar & Na'ima B Robert
Format: Hardback
Pages: 32
Publisher: Hachette
Publication Date: 2021
Dimensions: 17 x 25 x 1cm

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