The Biography Of Umar Bin Abdul Aziz: The Great Reviver of Islam


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'Umar bin 'Abd al-'Aziz was one of Islam's greatest leaders.

The book describes the principles based on which Umar governed the Muslims during his caliphate; which include: consultation, justice, equality among people and honouring of freedom.

With every page the book highlights the qualities of Umar and illustrates how exceptional he was in his faith, distinguished in knowledge, wise in thinking, remarkable in eloquence, noble in manners and the great contributions he made to the Muslim Ummah.

The book is in English and explains his importance to the Creed of Ahlus Sunnah, his stance on the Kharijites, Shi’ites, Qadariyyah, Murjites and Jahmites and details on his social, intellectual and religious life.

Author: Dr Ali Muhammad Sallabi
Format: Hardback
Pages: 735
Publisher: Darussalam
ISBN: 9786035000987
Dimensions: 14 x 21cm 

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