In Quest Of Truth Salman Al- Farisi (R.A)


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This is the story of the famed companion of the Prophet (PBUH), Salman the Persian and his incredible journey to Islam. Having begun life as the boy of a Zoroastrian priest, Salman soon found a simple errand for his father had become the beginning of an epic struggle to discover the truth about life and purpose. Salman was a pagan fire worshiper, who became the apprentice of two Christian priests, one after the other, who then became the slave of a Jew, finally finding liberation in the light of Islam. All of which happened in the span of many years. His story is a tale of patience, persistence, and forbearance for the truth.

Author: Abdul Basit Ahmad
Format: Paperback
Pages: 47
Publisher: Darussalam
Published: 2013
ISBN: 9786035002974
Dimensions: 17x24

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