The Prophets of Islam Activity Book: Prophet Yusuf and the Wolf


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A colourful, interactive activity book that introduces children to the story of Prophet Yusuf AS.
Full of activities including crosswords, puzzles, mazes, and colouring. 

This book is part of "The Prophets of Islam Activity Book" series. There are 8 books to collect! 

Buy all the titles as a bundle and save 10%!

Other Prophets in the series:

  • Adam (AS)
  • Muhammad 
  • Nuh (AS)
  • Sulaiman (AS)
  • Yunus (AS)
  • Ibrahim (AS)
  • Ismail (AS)

Author: Saadah Taib
Illustrator: Shazana Rosli
Format: Paperback
Pages: 16
Publisher: The Islamic Foundation
Published: 2020
Dimensions: 19 x 25 x 5cm
ISBN: 9780860377450

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