The Quran and Its Study: An In-Depth Exploration of Islam's Sacred Scripture


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Over the course of six sections, this rich reference book explores the various areas of Qur’anic studies, including:

  • its language,
  • the history of its documentation,
  • its many disciplines,
  • the methods of interpretation,
  • the impact of the Qur’an on Islamic civilisation,
  • the various classical sub-disciplines of Qur’anic studies, 
  • the study of the variant readings (qirā’āt),
  • the reasons for revelation (asbāb al-nuzūl) and abrogation (naskh), 
  • its inimitability and
  • finally, as a work of art.

Unlike some other works, Professor Zarzour also explores contemporary scholarship on the Qur’an, notably through a critical evaluation of modern tendencies such as the claim that the Qur’an contains scientific miracles, and an evaluation of some of the most recognised modern works of Qur’anic commentary (tafsir). 

About the Author

Professor Adnan Muhammad Zarzour has an undergraduate degree from the Unviersity of Damascus' faculty of Shari'a, and a Masters and PhD from Dar al-Ulum, Cairo University. Over a long and productive career, he has taught at numerous universities throughout the Arab world. He is currently a visiting professor at Qatar University. His scholarly work covers a wide spectrum of fields including: Qur'anic and Hadith studies, Islamic theology, intellectual history, scholarly biography, and studies in contemporary political philosophy, covering the topics of human rights, secularism and nationalism.

Author: Adnan Zarzour 
Translator & Editor: Adil Salahi
Format: Paperback
Pages: 576
Publisher: The Islamic Foundation
Published: 2020
Dimensions: 189 x 246 x 35.56 mm
ISBN: 9780860377801

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