Sad Bin Muadh - The True Supporter Of Islam


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Sa’d bin Mu’adh (R.A) was the chief of the Bani Abdul Ash-hal clan, a branch of the Al-Khazraj tribe. He was a man of dignity, honour, wisdom, and courage. He was among the bitter enemies of Islam, but when he accepted Islam, he devoted himself to defending it. He supported Islam with his wealth, bravery, wisdom and all his Might so much so that up till today he is said to be ‘The True Supporter of Islam.’ When he died, the angels welcomed his soul in the best manner, and his body was emitting the nice smell of musk.

Author: Abdul Basit Ahmad
Format: Paperback, with glossy colour pages
Pages: 48
Publisher: Darussalam
Published: 2012
ISBN: 9789960861111
Dimensions: 14x21cm

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