Umar bin Al Khattab (The Golden Series of The Prophet's Companions)


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'Umar bin Khattab was one of the great Companions of the Prophet and second Caliph of Islam.

He was so firm in his practice of Islam that he usually could sense what was right or wrong before the Prophet had informed others of it. He used to say his friends: "If a mule stumbles near the Euphrates River, I fear being questioned by Allah as to why I had not paved the road for it".

This book sheds light on the life and struggle of the greatest example of a just ruler. We should follow his footsteps to maintain justice in every walk of our life.

This book is short enough to be read by older children. For younger children, this makes a suitable bedtime story to be read by their parents. 

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Author: Abdul Basit Ahmad
Format: Paperback, with glossy colour pages
Pages: 48
Publisher: Darussalam
Dimensions: 17 x 24 cm
ISBN: 9786035003148

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