What to Say When, Dua Learning Cards


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What to Say When... is a supplication and remembrance game for children & adults learning Arabic. This is an excellent tool of flashcards to help remember (and understand) the daily adhkar (azkar/daily duas). 

What to Say When... develops the awareness of these acts of worship using familiar everyday settings.

Short and concise selections have been made for ease of understanding and memorization. The cards can also be used for placing around the home or school.

Contents include:

  • 30 double-sided cards with full instructions.
  • Each card contains a colourful illustration on one side and text (Arabic with English translation) on the other side.
  • Each card has a gloss laminate finish on both sides and measures 16cm x 10cm.

Verified Review: 
"We loved these glossy, well-designed cards. My kids looked at the picture and description on one side and tried to guess the dua that fit the occasion in the picture, then flipped over to see if they were right. Lovely, cute illustrations, living beings are not drawn in detail and are without faces. " 

Author: Zaheer Khatri
Format: 30x Cards
Publisher: Learning Roots
Dimensions: Each card is 10 x 16cm. Total of: 30 cards

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