Wisdom for Leadership: Faith Values and High Performance

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Wisdom For Leadership tells the story of a development programme for senior educational leaders in Iraq, without doubt one of the most challenging environments in the world. Tony Nelson draws upon his own accomplishments in tailoring a training programme for the deans and heads of colleges and schools across Iraq.

This is a story of leadership in extraordinary circumstances, exercised with humility, faith and a search for wisdom. This work shares accumulated leadership wisdom from a variety of western, eastern and tribal sources. This body of knowledge is sensitively grounded in both a spiritual and Islamic context to enable the leader to reflect upon their leadership impact on teams and organisations.

Wisdom for Leadership is full of practical diagnostics and tools to help the busy leader quickly apply their own learning to create amazing workplaces.

About the author: National Training Award winner Tony Nelson is a chartered manager and a fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and the Royal Society of Arts. Nelson works alongside Moneer Hameed Tolephih, the current President of the University of Baghdad, to explore the rationalist and humanistic aspects of the Prophet Muhammad’s personality and wisdom as an extraordinary leader.

Author: Tony Nelson & Moneer Tolephih
Format: Paperback
Pages: 289
Publisher: Claritas Books
ISBN: 9781800119918
Dimensions: 215 x 140mm

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