Working Together (Akhlaaq Building)


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About The Book

It is essential for children to develop good character, morals and values from a young age. Reading good books, with good messages and good role models is part of this character development.

In Working Together, Saaliha and her younger brother Ali love to do their work together. This way they finish their chores around the house quicker.

Colourful, funny and educational, the perfect combination for young readers.

This book belongs of "Akhlaaq building" series published by Ali Gator. 

Have a look at the rest of titles! (Helping Others, Forgiving Others, Caring for Orphans, Fulfilling Your Trust, Studying Hard, Controlling your anger, respecting your mother, sharing what you love). 

Author: Ali Gator
Format(s): Paperback
Pages: 24
Publisher: Kube / Islamic Foundation
Published: 2019
Dimensions: 203 x 203 x 5 mm
ISBN10/ISBN13: 9781921772337

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